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AGC Pinnacle Awards

A&K awarded 2013 AGC Pinnacle Award
Sensitivity to Environment/History/Culture
for the Genoa Landscape Enhancement Project - Douglas County Redevelopment Agency

A&K Earth Movers was awarded The Genoa Landscape Enhancement Project by the Douglas County Redevelopment Agency in January 2013. This sensitive project included lowering several thousand feet of overhead power and communication lines & services followed by the installation of extensive landscape features, concrete work, decorative lights and signs and over 15,000sf of sidewalk pavers.

Genoa is located in the Carson River Valley some 40 miles south of Reno. Founded in 1851, it is the first settlement in what became the Nevada Territory and currently boasts a population of approximately 200 residences. In addition, Genoa is home to some of the oldest buildings in Nevada including historical landmarks such as the Mormon State Park, Genoa Museum, The Genoa Town Hall and the Genoa Bar which is the oldest continuously operating bar in Nevada. In 1975, Genoa was listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Preserving the historic and cultural atmosphere was one of the most important aspects to the County, Engineer and Community. Meetings and input from the locals, landscape architect and town businesses were critical in preserving the historic ambiance.

One method of preserving the natural appearance of the town and Mormon State Park was incorporating native materials into the project. The project involved placing thousands of feet of overhead power and communications underground. During the complicated utility relocations, natural rock was removed from the trench excavations. This rock was screened from the spoils, washed and then handpicked for use within the project. This natural rock has a distinct color and appearance to Genoa and was important to the community to incorporate into the project. This onsite native stone material was utilized within the many new signs, benches and rockery walls that were constructed around town.

Another product used to maintain and preserve the historical aesthetics was the extensive use of landscape pavers. In lieu of placing typical concrete hardscape, sidewalks and driveways, a blend of different pavers were utilized in various colors and patterns throughout the town. These pavers in conjunction with rustic railroad ties, split rail fences, the decorative rock and lights and detailed kiosks kept the old town historic feel that Genoa puts forth.

Genoa history attracts and its economy revolves around tourism and numerous special events. In addition to the extreme care that had to be taken in relocating fragile monuments and excavating adjacent to historical buildings and landmarks, care also had to be taken to ensure visitors remained out of harm’s way yet had access to museums, Mormon State Park and the local restaurants and businesses. A&K ensured that parking and pedestrian areas were clearly identified and used temporary ramps, steel plates and signage to accommodate traffic. During the busiest events, A&K relocated all materials and equipment off site to maximize access in and around the town.

As can be expected, numerous businesses were affected during this reconstruction and enhancement. Keeping each individual business informed of construction activities adjacent to their property or a utility outage was an ongoing necessity. At our town meetings, many expressed their concerns of the inconveniences and disruptions. To accommodate the business access and scheduled utility outages, some work was performed during off hours or evenings to minimize interruptions.

As can be expected, numerous businesses were affected during this reconstruction and enhancement. Keeping each individual business informed of construction activities adjacent to their property or a utility outage was an ongoing necessity. At our town meetings, many expressed their concerns of the inconveniences and disruptions. To accommodate the business access and scheduled utility outages, some work was performed during off hours or evenings to minimize interruptions.

A&K awarded 2012 AGC Pinnacle Award
Meeting the Challenges of a Difficult Job Less than $5,000,000
for the Truckee Canal Conduit Repair - Fernley Reach Project

A&K Earth Movers, Inc. was awarded the Truckee Canal Conduit Repair of the Fernley Reach in Lyon County Nevada in December 2011. The contract consisted of making repairs and upgrades to a canal system that was initially constructed in 1902. Timely project completion was critical to ensue delivery of a precious resource, particularly during a dryer than normal winter season. In addition, A&K’s quality and progress were closely monitored and of great interest by numerous agencies and a sensitive community that flooded due to a failure in this same levee just five years earlier.

This same levee that breached in the winter of 2008 that flooded the Fernley community, so it was imperative to reconstruct and make the necessary repairs to the strict requirements and satisfaction of all the interested parties. Many end users were concerned and involved in weekly meetings with many of the stakeholders. This became necessary and an important communication tool for the sharing of information and ensuring the project was progressing to the satisfaction of those involved. The issuance of the contract was delayed until early February 2012. This later than anticipated start to this $2.49 million contract immediately took away any float time to complete this 100 calendar day contract during winter and spring seasons. Completion on time was critical to supply the water needed by the locals for irrigating their crops and livestock. To ensure the project was completed for the water users and irrigation season, A&K had multiple crews working simultaneously over the 12 mile project. Working through unfavorable temperature and weather became necessary and challenging. Protecting the subgrade materials from freezing was necessary along with cold weather concrete provisions.

In all, this project involved excavating over 42,000cy of the 15ft high canal levees down to the flow line of the canal. At 17 locations new takeout and stockwater piping was installed and 12ft tall x 24ft wide concrete takeout structures were constructed complete with handrails and control gates. This backfill was placed using demanding Bureau of Reclamation standards consisting of relative density compaction method typically used for construction of earthen dams and quickly learned that conventional compaction techniques would not achieve the desired results. We enquired with several consultants, geotechnical engineers and the Bureau of Reclamation to establish a procedure for these specialty backfill requirements, and determined that adding a tremendous amount of water along with placing backfill material in lifts thinner than customary was necessary. Constant monitoring the consistency and quality of imported backfill materials and compaction efforts involved a number of technicians who had to be extremely organized and in constant communication with each other and sharing accurate results in a timely fashion. Adjustments were necessary on a daily basis and in some instances even relocating our crews and equipment at a moment’s notice became necessary. We also staged additional equipment and resources at strategic locations throughout the project should it become necessary for personnel to relocate in a timely manner.

The project was scattered in 31 different locations along 12 miles of the canal. It was as though constructing and managing 31 different individual construction sites with unique access and challenges. To overcome the difficulties of access, a number of private agreements were made with local land owners adjacent to the canal to use as staging areas and access points. It was also necessary to carefully coordinate the construction sequence so as not to isolate and block access to critical areas. We were also sensitive to the numerous residences along the canal. In some instances it felt as though we were working in their backyards and carefully monitored dust, track out and noise levels.

The constant planning, teamwork, communications and diligent efforts of everyone involved in this complicated and unique project resulted in completing within the specified timeframe to expected quality and satisfaction of all the agencies and stakeholders involved.

A&K awarded 2007 AGC Pinnacle Award
For Sensitivity to Environment, History or Culture
for Virginia City Cemetery Project

The Nevada Chapter of the Associated General Contractors held it’s ninth annual Pinnacle awards ceremony November 16th at the Harrah’s Reno Convention Center to honor the “Best of the Best” in northern Nevada construction projects. Recipients of these awards must show leadership, excellence and community spirit. For the category of Sensitivity to Environment, History or Culture the criteria included innovative construction techniques to minimize environmental impacts, maintaining significant cultural/historical design aspects of a site and inclusion of alternative energy sources and appropriate energy or water conservation management.

“When A&K Earth Movers decided to take on the Virginia City Cemetery project, they knew they had to keep it’s historical look and yet bring the project into the 21st century.” “A&K was asked to put in a new road through the cemetery, direct the drainage away from graves, install 2,400 feet of new irrigation with the required electrical control lines, and use 55,000 square feet of Poly Pavement to keep the roads in good repair for decades to come.” Northern Nevada Business Weekly

A&K employed anthropologists to locate the 6,000 bodies buried in the cemetery to make sure none were disturbed during construction. A&K completed the cemetery on budget and the cemetery site remained open to visitors for the Memorial Day and Fourth of July holidays; receiving praises from the executive director of the Comstock Cemetery Foundation and the district administrator for the Comstock Historic District Commission.

A&K awarded 2006 AGC Pinnacle Award
For Sensitivity to Environment, History or Culture

The Newlands Irrigation Project, the first federally funded irrigation project in the nation, has grown into an industry that has contributed considerably to Fallon and the Lahontan Valley. Studies by the University of Nevada at Reno estimate the Newlands Irrigation Project contributes over $90 million annually to the local economy of Fallon and the Lahontan Valley. A&K Earth Movers is proud to be involved in this vitally important industry and the efforts to conserve the limited water resources of Northern Nevada.

The Soares Ranch, in Fallon, Nevada, is one of eighteen farms and ranches that utilized A&K Earth Movers, Inc., to construct concrete lined irrigation ditches in 2006. This project consisted of 3,500 feet of concrete lined ditch and 23 flow gates. This year A&K Earth Movers completed construction of nearly 30,000 feet of irrigation ditches in the Newlands Irrigation Project. These ditches, when lined with concrete, conserve an estimated 15 to 40% of water, depending upon soil types and length of ditch. The ditches fill quicker and fields are irrigated in a shorter period of time. Water is conserved by preventing seepage into the ground the entire length of the concrete lined irrigation ditch.

The solution to these weather problems is speed of operation. Immediately following the opening of the trench, the concrete must be poured. The trencher is followed by the slip form and the concrete crew. The form is advanced by a boom truck and the concrete truck is synchronized with the pour. The concrete consistency is critical, too wet of a mix and the slip form will float, too stiff of a mix and the sub grade will be altered by the advancing of the form. Either condition will create an unacceptable pour. As the pour progresses, crew members drop back to install outlet gates and cross ditch gates into the “green” concrete.

This orchestration of events involves speed, experience and above all, safety. A&K Earth Movers, having been the prominent concrete ditch lining company in the Lahontan Valley for fifty years has the right combination of these elements.

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