Re: Highland Canal Storm Drain Project Appreciation

Date: 9/24/18

I would like to thank you for the great job your company did on the Highland Canal Storm Drain Project. A&K Earth Movers showed a lot of resilience to bid this extremely difficult project which came with strict requirements and deadlines. The toughness was shown by the actual construction of the project and being finished on time.

I feel very fortunate to have A & K Earth Movers construct this project where we we worked well together to get the job done. It started with Kevin and his team of Daryl, Andy and Brandon preparing the bid and managing the project. The supervisor, Richard, always dealt with challenges directly and kept the project on course. It was a pleasure to work with Steve once again who remained focused on the upcoming tasks of the project and was always prepared. The two labors on Steve’s crew for the majority of the project were Ronnie and Skylar who were remarkably keeping up with the work inside the trench and everything outside of the trench. The main operating engineers of this project were Don and Zeke who made this project. Don’s talent, awareness and experience on the equipment was shown on the hillside work and throughout the rest of the project.

Matt and his crew were a great addition towards the latter end of the project that focused their attention on the side work. Mark’s concrete crew was also great on this job who built a very complex and detailed structures throughout the project. There were additional crews, drivers, technicians, administrators and sub-contractors that also kept the project on pace who are also very appreciated. It was a great team that was put together that had the understanding of the project and communicated from start to finish.

The construction of the project was completed last year with final closeout to be completed anytime now and I did not want to let this project get by without my appreciation. I would like to wish you, your brothers and all the folks at A&K Earth Movers continued success with the General Engineering Construction Company.

Best Regards,
Steve Gamilis