Meet the Board of Directors

Incorporated in Nevada in 1965, our Corporate Officers are:

K. Bart Hiatt


Bart Hiatt has been in the construction industry since 1973 and has spent his entire career with A&K Earth Movers. He provides leadership to position the company at the forefront of the industry and develops a strategic plan to advance the company's mission and objectives and to promote revenue, profitability and growth as an organization.

Kevin Atkins

Secretary & General Manager 

Kevin Atkins has been involved in the construction industry since 1973, and has worked throughout California and Nevada. He has been with A&K since 2014. In 2021, he was promoted to General Manager where he oversees the day-to-day operations of the company to meet the operational, safety and financial goals of the company. Kevin was previously the Engineering Department Manager and Construction Manager and continues to mentor the Assistant Engineering Department Manager.

Misty Thibodaux

Treasurer & CFO

Misty Thibodaux graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting in 2002 from the University of Texas. She has been with A&K since 2016. In 2020 she was promoted to Treasurer and CFO. She is responsible for all financial and fiscal management aspects of company operations and provides leadership and coordination in the administrative, business planning, accounting and budgeting efforts of the company.

Tanner Hiatt

Director & Assistant Engineering Manager

Tanner Hiatt has been with A&K since 2005. He started in the field and then moved to the engineering office where he began his internship in 2008. In 2014 he was promoted to Project Manager/Estimator and then to Assistant Engineering Manager in 2021. Today he provides leadership for our estimating department and helps us keep up on the leading edge of today's technology, GPS, and estimating/project management software.

Lyle Kibbe

Director & Equipment Manager

Lyle Kibbe has been in the construction industry since 1979 and has been with A&K Earth Movers since 2009. He is responsible for all of A&K's shops and service facilities. He is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of A&K's equipment fleet. He analyzes and establishes procedures for future development and replacement of the equipment fleet.